IdealStretch Calf Wedge


Attachment for the IdealStretch that easily slips on. The Wedge stretches the Calf and promotes superb Ankle and Achilles Tendon stretching. The Wedge is Ultra Light-Weight.

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The Wedge – Preventing injury is not only possible but simple – stay flexible and pliable. And the best way to do so in these important areas of the body is with the IdeaslStretch and Wedge Combo.

The addition of the Wedge to the IdealStretch provides additional targeting of the calf and anterior knee ligaments.

Specifications – The Wedge is simple to attach and easily fastens with the Velcro strap.

Features – The Wedge’s unique use with the IdealStretch allows for ankle flexion stretches safely without the impact of weight and gravity.


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